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World Renowned brands and big box retailers have trusted our drop shipping services for close to 15 years

Do you sell goods on your own website or online marketplaces?

We deliver U.S. based, brand name products directly to your customers. You don’t pay for the product until you make a sale!





3600 Sub-Categories

We are fully compliant with all of Amazon and eBay’s terms of service.

What experienced resellers say about us

“Source of Goods delivered creative paper products to my customers, on time and intact. My customers couldn’t be happier – and neither
can I!”

-Synthia Hammers, Amazon Seller

“Unlike other suppliers who rely on foreign made goods, SOG delivered real quality for my customers. I have built my reputation on American goods and I can keep it that way”

-Dwayne Edward, eBay Seller

No Warehousing

No storage costs, no labor costs. Use the money you save to grow your business and invest.

No capital expenditures

No need for bulk up-front purchases. You don’t pay anything for a product until you make a sale!

No Hidden Fees

Your monthly membership gives you access to millions of products at wholesale prices.

Over 24 categories of wholesale goods to choose from!


Baby Products




Gadgets and gifts

Gourmet & Grocery


Home Decor







Patio and Garden

Personal Care

Pet Products


Sports Collectibles

Toys and Games

Already selling products on your own website?

Round out your offerings with accessories and related products, all from one source

Concerned that your customers won’t find all their needs? Worried about shoppers leaving your site for another that offers a one-stop shopping experience?

Beef up your customers’ experience - and your own bottom line - by stocking your website with accessories for your main product line. Your customers are primed to buy - don’t miss out on the opportunity to fulfill their shopping needs!

New to eBay?

Upgrade your quantity and income limits

Did you know that eBay limits new members’ number of product listings and net sales?
Bypass eBay’s limitations with our exclusive eBay Assist and start out with a higher product count and income cap. Open your new eBay account HERE.

How it works

Choose from our six membership levels, depending on the brands and number of products you want to sell.

Browse our millions of products, put your chosen items in your cart, and check out your items. No minimum order quantity, no per-item charges!

Download your products, and upload in bulk to your website, Amazon Seller Central, or eBay account.

What experienced resellers say about us

“I love that all my products are drop shipped directly to my customers and I only have to pay once
I’ve made a sale.”

-Frank Zimmer, Amazon Seller

“Having access to millions of products on my eBay store at wholesale prices has been a game-changer for my business”

-Kathy Thomas, eBay Seller

How our platform makes you money

Your customer places an order on Amazon, eBay, or your website.

Source of Goods arranges delivery from our contracted vendors directly to your customer.

You collect the payment! It’s that simple.

Top Faqs

At Source of Goods, we handle the shipping and logistics for your customers’ orders. You get access to millions of products to sell on Amazon, eBay or your own website, and you don’t pay for a product until you make a sale.

Choose your membership level based on the number and types of products you would like to sell. Choose our free Starter plan, or pay as little as $5 monthly for your membership - that’s it!. For a limited time, get a FREE access to 1000 products, with a 3-month trial of the Entrepreneur membership level.

Save on warehousing costs and space, by having us ship directly to your customers. No financial outlay for bulk orders. Save time and allow your employees to focus on other important tasks.

Amazon and eBay orders will be processed automatically. To process orders from other platforms, simply enter each order onto your seller dashboard.

All order information will automatically update to your seller dashboard on your SOG account. For Amazon and eBay orders, all information will also update directly to your Amazon Seller Central or eBay seller accounts.

Are you tired of…

  • Struggling to find a reliable source of diverse quality products?
  • Expending capital for goods?
  • Overflowing warehouses?
  • The rising cost of labor?

Check out our millions of products, ready to be shipped directly to your customers. Simplify your selling process and save money for your business!