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  • How does Source of Goods work?

    At Source of Goods, we handle the shipping and logistics for your customers’ orders. You get access to millions of products to sell on Amazon, eBay or your own website, and you don’t pay for a product until you make a sale.

  • What are my costs for using Source of Goods?

    Choose your membership level based on the number and types of products you would like to sell. Choose our free Starter plan, or pay as little as $5 monthly for your membership - that’s it!. For a limited time, get a FREE access to 1000 products, with a 3-month trial of the Entrepreneur membership level.

  • I have my own website and warehouse - why do I need this service?

    Save on warehousing costs and space, by having us ship directly to your customers. No financial outlay for bulk orders. Save time and allow your employees to focus on other important tasks.

  • How do my orders get processed?

    Amazon and eBay orders will be processed automatically. To process orders from other platforms, simply enter each order onto your seller dashboard.

  • How will I track orders, shipping and delivery information?

    All order information will automatically update to your seller dashboard on your SOG account. For Amazon and eBay orders, all information will also update directly to your Amazon Seller Central or eBay seller accounts.

  • How do I pay for the products I want to sell?

    You don’t pay for a product until you make a sale. When your customer purchases an item, the cost will be charged to the credit card or ACH account that you established in your settings. ACH processing is free, and credit card payments incur a 3% charge

  • What if I want to cancel or change my membership?

    You can cancel your membership at any time, and no further monthly membership fees will be charged. You can also change your membership level at any time; upgrades will be effective immediate, and downgrades will be updated at the beginning of the next calendar month.

  • What will my product costs be like?

    SOG offers competitive wholesale pricing on a wide variety of products in 26 categories with over 2 million Brand Name products to choose from.

  • How do I find out more information about Source of Goods

    You can either sign up for more information by entering your email address and company name in the footer of any page in the email sign up box or alternatively, you can email us at

  • What is the Source of Goods return policy?

    Source of Goods has a standard 30-day return policy. An RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) is required. Simply click on the "tickets" button at the top of the seller dashboard and enter the order number and "request for RMA" in the title. If there is a problem with the sale, for example, if the item is broken or missing parts, then SOG will provide a prepaid return shipping label. If there is no problem with the item just the buyer no longer wants the item then the member is liable for the return shipping cost. Regardless, all returns can be shipped directly to our returns warehouse thereby not causing you to have the return shipped twice, first to you and then to SOG. The RMA number is required to be either written on the shipping label or the box for all returns received into our returns warehouse.